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This policy is valid for all workers, interns, agency workers, all suppliers and outsourced service providers that work with Blue Marlin Deluxe Spa & Beach Resort Hotel.

Our corporate values are based in creating a motivating environment and transparent, fair and reliable relationships with our workers, supporting and educating all our workers on achieving our strategic goals, creating and constantly improving systems that will allow our workers to feel valued, secure, relaxed and happy, adding to our structure those who are have the qualities necessary for responsibilities and positions of Blue Marlin Deluxe Spa & Resort Hotel, rewarding workers that are innovative, got creative ideas, self improving and mindful of their environment and society.

As Blue Marlin Deluxe Spa & Resort Hotel we expect our employees and suppliers to respect basic human rights for it is one of our principles. As blue Marlin Deluxe Spa & Resort we never use slave labor. We promise that we never buy from suppliers involved in slave labor or human trafficking.

As Blue Marlin Deluxe Spa & Resort our work principles are based in equality, diversity and inclusivity. This policy is binding for all Blue Marlin Deluxe Spa & Resort Hotel businesses and we promise to always follow this policy in all of our doings. All employees of Blue Marlin Deluxe Spa & Resort Hotel are responsible for valuing and developing the culture created related to the support and implementation of the policy, avoiding and even reporting any behavior contrary to it.

At Blue Marlin Deluxe Spa & Resort Hotel;

We promise to create a culture in which everyone is treated equally regardless of their race, color, gender, age, nationality, religion, gender or gender expression, marital status, citizenship, disability or any other legally protected consideration. In our operations and value chains we always give fair and equal opportunities to all of our workers, candidates, business partners. We act with awareness of our responsibilities and impact field in creating a positive effect in society by keeping our facilities in line with human rights. We create a culture that feeds on reciprocated trust on topics of fair and equal opportunities, equality, diversity, inclusiveness for all of our workers. We prioritize equality, diversity and inclusivity policy as the base for our strategies and celebrate every form of diversity as Blue Marlin Deluxe Spa & Resort Hotel. We create environment where our workers are always free to be their true selves and will always feel protected while doing it. While serving our clients and stakeholders with inclusiveness, we give their unique personalities visibility. We encourage various opinions, insights, perspectives and ideas that will improve decision-making process and benefit our customers, business partners, shareholders and stakeholders. We make sure to promote those role models that will set equality, diversity and inclusiveness as the base for our corporate culture and all of our workers. By supporting the formation and development of role models representing all facets of diversity at all management levels, functions and positions, we contribute to the questioning of the idea of the ‘glass ceiling’ in society.

In values of Blue Marlin Deluxe Spa & Resort ‘Value to the Human’ we have main five fields of focus. The company’s evaluation of women’s competencies and experiences are best represented by the prioritization of their development and career growth. We know that as long as our actions in sustainability field are concrete and measureable they will have the right impact. By creating a suiting environment for our equality, diversity and inclusivity policy we support our women workers in employment, leading, talent development, wages and other rights related work strategies.

As Blue Marlin Deluxe Spa & Resort Hotel it is our priority to protect all the children and teenagers that use our facilities, teaching all of our workers our approaches on topics of children’s rights and protection of children, creating a space where children can play and learn, stay safe and healthy and be protected from all and any violence.

As Blue Marlin Deluxe Spa & Resort Hotel we promise to keep the children protected, safe, in peace with accordance to the laws and our responsibilities. All of our services, operations and workers will never hurt a child, will never leave a child at risk of harm or abuse, will report any suspicion in a child’s safety to the relevant organizations, work with accordance to legal laws and international laws regarding child safety as our responsibility.

According to our work principles:

Health and happiness of the children has highest importance. All children and teenagers have equal right to be protected from harm or harassment regardless of their age, disability, gender, racial origin, religion, sexual orientation, identity or any other reason. Some children are more vulnerable due to their past experiences, their level of dependence on others, their communication needs or other issues and we value and respect that. Working in partnership with children, young people, their parents, caretakers and other intermediaries is fundamental for us to support the health and happiness of children.

Children and youth:

They will always be protected, because we value, respect and listen to them, create programs aimed to protect them, set behavior rules for our employees, suppliers, workers etc. developing safety policies and applying security procedures, providing an effective management for employees and volunteers with supervision, support and training, only taking in new employees or interns in a safe way, after the necessary checks have been done, sharing information about child protection and good practices with children, parents, employees and other stakeholders, informing relevant agencies and organizations when in doubt as well as the parents and the children.