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As BLUE MARLIN DELUXE SPA & RESORT HOTEL, our Sustainable Purchase Policy is based on the same values and principles as all of our other policies. Our Sustainable Purchase Policy is to act according to laws and ethics during our procurement activities, never procure endangered species, in procurement activities with other companies and suppliers to never discriminate based on religion, language, race, gender, sexual preferences and physical abilities, prioritize rights of suppliers and subcontractor employees, making sure that all of our suppliers and subcontractor employees are acting according to the legal laws and ethics, prioritize local suppliers and be mindful of the environment, to aim for continuity and strengthening over the entirety of the supply chain. In order to achieve this goal, we expect our suppliers to share our basic principles with us in this context and cooperate with us in spreading and developing these principles.

Our priorities;

Making sure that all of our operations within supply chain are legal and ethical. Creating fair, honest, transparent, unbiased and respectful relationships with our suppliers, making sure that all of our procurement activities are fair and fulfilling our obligations to the suppliers in time. Creating a sustainable procurement culture for the society and environment that would serve as an example of sustainability and corporal social responsibility to the stakeholders that are a part of our procurement chain. Ensuring continuous improvement by encouraging our suppliers to give us feedback within the industry. Working with those suppliers who organize activities mindful of society and environment that focus on protecting energy efficient resources, reducing amounts of waste, reusing what we have and recycling; use resources in a non harmful and efficient to the nature ways; organize studies on reduction of pollutant gas emissions and toxic substances; those who work hard to perform beyond required standards while complying to all legal regulations on environmental and energy issues.

Working with those suppliers that provide a fair workplace; do not discriminate based on language, race, gender, political beliefs, philosophical beliefs, religion, denomination, etc.; support gender equality; provide working conditions that are in line with the legal requirements for pregnant women or women with children; value thoughts and opinions of their workers and participate in improvement activities; reserve immunity and unionization rights; fight against forced labor; never use child labor; follow the laws and requirements of employment and work life.